Neon – Wroclaw rock band, playing alternative rock formed in 2008 by vocalist and guitarist David Rabbit. Other members – Grzegorz Sawa-Borysławski – bass (also playing in the Dust Blow), Thomas Garber – drums. Winner of Jarocin Festival 2010. In January 2010 the band recorded their debut album in the studio Przemyslaw “Pearl” Wejmann. Their debut album Slaves Weekend (mastered by Marcin Bors) was published on 25 January 2011. In 2011, promoting their debut album, the band played, among others, live on Polish Radio, at the Festival in Opole (within Debuts in 2011 was made the song “10 on the Beaufort scale” from the repertoire of Krzysztof Klenczon) and Heineken Open’er Festival and the Festival in Jarocin starring twice. Under the supervision of the film crew, the band recorded a couple of new recordings (live in studio), which, together with the full-length, 45-minute film Fri. “Onions, Ping-Pong and Rokendrol” premiered in June 2012.

.In October 2014, the band recorded the material for the second album in Warsaw Anthill Music Studio under the supervision of Leszek Biolik and Andrzej Rajski. Marcin Gajko mixed the album. Mastering performs Fred Kevorkian. At the end of the year by Macca Records shows a red 7 “vinyl limited edition and hand-numbered (250 pieces), containing two songs recorded and produced by Marcin Bors:” Solar Batteries “and” Indeed abnormally. ”

In July 2015 on the Sony Music Poland appears the second album. “Uniform”. In October, the band hit the road to promote the new album by visiting more than 20 cities in Poland. During the tour there live in Studio Agnieszka facet for the Third Programme of the Polish Radio program –  Offensywa by Piotr Stelmach.


  • Release dateMarch 31, 2016
  • CatalogSony Music
  • LabelSony Music
  • FormatDigital, CD