OtwARTa Scena is a project created by Robert Tyska and Leszek Biolik in cooperation with Maciek Włoczewski. The project has one goal – to present the music exactly as it is. Because the music is awesome and will do the rest of the job itself. Our stage is open to all musicians whichever genre they’re into and wherever they come from. The music we show is free and is expected to remain so. Go ahead – listen and watch as much as you like. The more people views our sessions the better for both our team and for the musicians. If you’d like to wish us something as we begin, we’d opt for power and persistence. You can find us on YouTube channel and Facebook.

Marcin Gajko is responsible for the sound of the OtwARTa Scena. He’s mixes make live performances shine and alive. Here are some of our releases

Stay Tuned,
OtwARTa Scena