Roma is the third studio album of Sorry Boys. Written partly Polish and English, it brings characteristic band wealth of musical worlds and contexts.
Roma evokes Rome – a place where all roads lead. Roma is the place full of happiness, love, fulfillment, discovered by each individual in the moment. Roma’s title refers not only to the eternal city, but also to the romantic mythology, romance as a literture genre and Roma ethos, the itinerant lifestyle of music, which is so close to the artists. “The patron of Roma is Apollo – the god of music, poetry, love and light – guiding themes of the album.” – Says the author of the compositions and texts, Bela Komoszyńska.
The album appear surprising inspiration from different eras and latitudes – from Chopin by Ewa Demarczyk, to the Gospel tradition. Sorry Boys invited to cooperate unusual guests: folk singer Apolonia Nowak, Atom String Quartet, choir Soul Gospel Connection Group, trombonist and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Kasiukiewicza and Sebastian Madejski, who played cymbals.
Album produced Marek Dziedzic, who is also responsible for publishing the previous team – “Vulcano”

Mixed and Mastered by Marcin Gajko


  • Release dateNovember 18, 2016
  • LabelMystic
  • FormatDigital, CD