LemON is one of the most spectacular careers of the last decade in the Polish music scene. In just four years they have made three albums, recognizable style and a large number of fans.
LemON “Tu” and now is a mature band that boldly connects distant worlds. Lyrical ballads contrast with the punk anger or the rock color of overdriven guitars, and modern sounds with clear references to the heroes of the 70s, to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Equally brave is the text layer – intimate, claustrophobic reflection on the impossibility of communication, both on the level of two people, seeking for love, and of whole societies, which without agreement are condemned to fall.
Where exactly is “Tu”? Somewhere between the Lemko wooden hut in Snietnica, the village where Igor’s grandfather comes from, and New York, with his eternal blooms and multiculturalism.
“Here” though is a well thought-out album, in which the band and collaborators formed a lot of effort and energy, is in some sense the most material in the group’s achievements … imperfect. “I appreciated the value of the dirt,” admits Igor Herbut. “I realized that when the band plays together in one room, it does not matter if something sounds perfect ‘cos it is purely 100%, emotions.
The album was recorded in the Custom 34 studio in Gdansk by Piotr Łukaszewski, and  mixed/mastered by  Marcin Gajko.

Mixed and mastered By Marcin Gajko


  • Release dateMarch 24, 2017
  • Label Jake Vision
  • FormatDigital, CD