The new album Janusz Radek called “word of mouth” is a story about a constant attraction to each other people, despite the passing vogue already on experiencing everything yourself alone. Radek his habit again confused genres and styles to create a unique history included in the eleven songs for dancing in pairs. We are all great dancers, as singles, now comes the era of music to dance together, huddled close to the cheeks sway their bodies rhythmically.

This dance has ever been, and the music is also familiar from somewhere, or at least raises associations with the past, however, this is a thoroughly modern production, firmly rooted rhythm meets the sophisticated arrangement of endless melody. He started the Thomas Filipczak, who expanded the instruments of the rhythm section, horn and vibraphone – the lush electronics and sampling.

The album was released March 6, 2012, a recital premiered on stage March 27, 2012, during the Song Festival in Wroclaw.

Recorded and mixed by Marcin Gajko




  • Release dateMarch 6, 2012
  • LabelMagic Records
  • FormatDigital, CD